Facebook Scrapbook Examples

Tag Your Kiddos in New Facebook Scrapbooks

If you are anything like me, you may post a few photos of your kids on Facebook. OK… more than a few. One thing that has always bugged me is that there is no way to tag my littlest kiddos in photos because they are too young to have their own Facebook profiles (the age limit is 13, people!). I thought it’d be sups awesome if there was a way to create almost like a placeholder profile for our underage kids so that when they hit 13 and join the site we wouldn’t have to go back through our photos and tag hundreds and hundreds (and, SERIOUSLY, hundreds!) of pics dating all the way back to birth.

WHOA – It’s like Facebook read my mind. The platform just launched Scrapbooks as a way for parents to tag photos of their kids who do not yet have a Facebook profile. YAY!!!

If you’ve already added your child as a family member, you can go to About, then Family Members and Relationships. Then click Add Scrapbook next to your child’s name. If you haven’t added Junior yet, no worries. Just head to that same location and add the kiddo, then you’ll see that there is an option to Add Scrapbook. There is also the option of allowing your partner to have the ability to tag your children in photos, which is awesome. I’d love it if you could grant others (siblings, aunts & uncles, grandparents, besties) the ability to tag them too, but hey… I’ll take what I can get.

Facebook says that eventually you’ll be able to invite people to subscribe to your kiddos’ scrapbooks, which is cool! You’ll never again hear from a family member, “I never saw that photo of [insert adorable child’s name here]! Why didn’t you send it to me?”

As soon as you start tagging recent pics of your children, Facebook will start identifying your kids in photos, so tagging becomes super easy, super fast. I like that, although I know many find Facebook’s face identification capabilities creepy.

Now, my one remaining questions is… How will this Scrapbook become my child’s photo album to manage and how will the tags translate over to their Facebook profile once they are old enough to join? Because I KNOW my kids will want to untag themselves from some of these “embarrassing” photos when they are teens.

Facebook has yet to explain how that will work. But so far I am pretty impressed with this work-in-progress! As well as Facebook’s ability to read my mind.


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