Google: Creepy Stalker or Super Assistant?

Of course you already know this, but in case you’ve had a momentary brain lapse, let me remind you that Google is a MASSIVE enterprise. Google is the largest search engine by a long shot. By early 2014, Google had 67.6% of the global search market share with Bing coming in second at 18.7% and Yahoo third with only 10%. As of the 4th quarter of 2013, Google’s Android mobile operating system had a firm hold on more than 77% of the global market share. Google’s email client, aptly named “Gmail,” has more than 500 million users. More than 1 billion unique users visit Google’s YouTube video network each month, and there are more than 100 hours of video uploaded to the site each MINUTE. Google+ surpassed Twitter in 2013 as the second most popular social network with 540 million monthly active users. Google also has the second most used web browser, with Chrome claiming 20% of the global market share behind Microsoft’s Internet Explorer’s 58% and Firefox sitting in third place with 15%.


The Social Media Hat, 2014

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Emerging media. What the… WHAT?

“So what exactly DO you do?”

With titles in my repertoire like “Interactive Communications Strategist” and “Social and Digital Brand Manager,” you can imagine I have heard this question a lot over the years.  It doesn’t always have an easy answer.  Arguably, these titles are a little ambiguous. I’ll give you that.  But here’s the kicker…  what I am doing at work today may be drastically different in 6 months time.


Because marketing in the emerging media landscape is constantly changing.

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